Your wedding is memorable and very special.  Most of us can remember a great wedding. But how many of us can remember a great wedding album?

Betsan’s wedding photography captures those moments that will indeed be very special and  remembered by you, for ever.  Only the eye of an unobtrusive professional camera can catch those special moments. The laughs; the kiss; the dance; the smiles; the dress; the shoes!  Betsan’s eye capturing the style and atmosphere, not just the faces.  Betsan will of course capture all of those traditional moments with the group pictures of the Bride and Groom; the family and friends;  the location; the cake !….but without constant interruption…!  She will spend time with you before the reception, away from friends and family to capture every essence of your celebration and happiness. Using her hallmark journalistic approach she will capture the moments that make your wedding day your very own – and very special to you both.

Images that will last forever. Images of the fun, laughs, stolen moments and the celebration.

Posed family group shots.

Betsan believes in the family group images for a wedding album. They are a record of your family at an important time and at the very start of your own history together.

A week before your wedding she will ask you to send a suggested list of posed images that you would like – family and friend groups that Betsan traditionally photographs at each wedding .  Please bear in mind that the hallmark of Betsan’s exciting photography is journalistic. Her unique images will capture the true events and the true feelings of the day. These groupings are quick, easy, and largely informal.

Betsan will deliver not only a beautiful album, but beautiful memories that will indeed be treasured forever.